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What is the Process of renting a booth?

See office. (east side of building up the stairs)
1. Select your space.
2. Sign space agreement and confirmation
3. Pay Salt Lake’s Indoor Swapmeet ½ down
4. Provide signers photo I.D. for a copy
5. Apply for the following
     a. Register business name
     b. Utah sales tax I.D. number
     c. West valley city business license.

Please refer to booth rates and step by step process for more details

What are the Swapmeet Hours of operation?

Thursday and Friday 12:00pm to 7:00pm Saturday 10:00am to 7:00pm and Sunday 10:00am to 6:00pm

Does Salt Lakes Indoor Swapmeet charge a shoppers entrance fee?

No, the swapmeet does NOT Charge an Entry Fee.

Is used merchandise sold inside the swapmeet?

Usually, we have Antiques, collectibles, and some used items. Everything depends on what vendors we have at the time

I need a Business license to sell at the swapmeet?

Yes, A west valley city business license is required to open a business inside the swapmeet.

Please refer to rates and step by step process for more info.

Is the swapmeet climate controlled?

Yes, the swapmeet is climate controlled.

Is day Vending allowed?

Please contact management for more details.

Is power included in booth rental?

Yes. each 10×10 booth is provided with 2 standard outlets max of 4 amps

How many different Vendors are inside the swapmeet?

There is anywhere from 60 to 80 individual vendors at a time. 60,000 sq. ft. buildingcapable of housing 300 10×10 booths.

Is parking free?

Yes, parking is free. Additional parking is available on west side of building.

Can vendors sell anything they want?

No, we don’t offer any vendors exclusives, but we do control the amount of “same” merchandise sold for competition purposes.

Does the Swapmeet have internet access?

Yes, the swapmeet has internet access for an additional fee. (see management)

Do I need Insurance as a vendor at the Swapmeet?

Yes, each vendor is required to carry liability insurance with the swapmeet named as co insured. (Please see management for more details on insurance requirements.)

What do I need to get a business license?

You will need Either a DBA (Doing business as) which only requires a business name, Utah Sales tax I.D. and social security number. Other options are to register for an LLC. (Limited Liability Corporation) or INC. (Incorporation) All information on obtaining either can be found at www.utah.gov under the business section. (A TIN# can be used to obtain an LLC or INC.)

Does the swapmeet Provided any tables, display cases or locks?

No, the Swapmeet only rents the space to the vendor. Each booth is set up with peg board on top half of booth for hanging shelfs and merchandise. Each tarp will take up to 6 pad locks to lock your things in at night. The Swapmeet does Not collect any keys to vendor’s booths but will gladly store any spares you might have in the office in case you forget yours one day.

Does the Indoor Swapmeet do background or credit checks to obtain a booth?

No we do not run any background or credit checks.

Does the swapmeet provide trash disposal?

Yes, The Swapmeet has Dumpsters located on the east side of building in the back. All garbage accumulated by a vendor’s business is that vendor’s responsibility. Trash needs to be taken out nightly and boxes must be flattened before putting in dumpsters.

Does the Swapmeet monitor or take a percentage of each vendor’s sales?

No, the swapmeet does not track or take a percentage. Each individual vendor is its own business. We only charge fees related to rent for space, internet, extra power over 4 amps.